‘In the Shadow of the Moon’: Michael C. Hall Joins Boyd Holbrook in the New Netflix Thriller!!!

Fresh off starring in the Netflix original series Safe, Michael C. Hall is getting back in business with the streaming service, as Collider can exclusive report that he has signed on to join Boyd Holbrook in the genre-bending thriller In the Shadow of the Moon.

Narcos alum Holbrook will star as a detective who becomes obsessed with a series of murders that seem beyond explanation. According to our sources, Hall will play a fellow detective who also happens to be Holbrook’s brother-in-law.

The film reunites Hall with director Jim Mickle, who will be working from a script by Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock. Mickle directed Hall in the thriller Cold in July before going on to create the Sundance TV series Hap and Leonard. Automatik’s Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Rian Cahill are producing with Ben Pugh of 42 and Linda Moran of Nightshade, as well as Mickle himself.

Best known for his starring turns on Showtime’s Dexter and HBO’s Six Feet Under, Hall has migrated over to Netflix of late. In addition to Safe, he also played President Kennedy in an episode of The Crown last year. He recently popped up in the hit comedy Game Night, as well as the Liam Neeson drama Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House.

Hall hasn’t played a cop since his Dexter days, so it’ll be good to see him hunting killers again. It’s also nice to see him get more feature work, as he delivered strong performances in the indie dramas Christine and Kill Your Darlings. He’s also part of the star-studded ensemble of Scott Z. Burns’ feature directorial debut The Torture Report.


via Collider

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