‘American Horror Story’ Season 8 Reveals Its Title!!! Check It Out!!

The next installment of the American Horror Story franchise finally has a name and baby, it’s a doozy. The eighth season of Ryan Murphy‘s anthology spook-a-palooza will be titled American Horror Story: Apocalypse,immediately bringing to mind such chilling imagery as end times, Anti-Christs, and Oscar Isaac wearing terrible purple makeup.

The official AHS account shared the new season’s key art on Twitter, which gives off a pretty serious sense of “it’s all for you, Damien.”

As previously reported, in addition to presumably dealing with the end of the world AHS: Apocalypse will also act as a cross-over between the witches of season 3 (Coven) and the haunted house of the series’ debut outing, Murder House. As is usual for a Murphy joint, most of the familiar faces will be returning, including Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates. Joining the alumni class is soap opera legend Joan Collins and guest stars Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (UnReal) and Kyle Allen (The Path). Deadline noted back in April that the new season takes place “18 months from today” and will get back to a heightened supernatural story after the election-focused American Horror Story: Cult.

As is usual for anyone even remotely aware of American Horror Story, now is the time to get hyped over the new subtitle and returning cast, hunker down for a premiere that delivers in macabre violence and genuinely jarring thrills, and then wait for the show to go completely off the rails around episode five or six, eventually crumbling into a incomprehensible mess in which none of the characters have a discernable motivation other than the shoulder shrug emoji, except the shoulder shrug emoji is like a vampire or zombie or whatever the fuck. It’s an AHS tradition!

Personally, as someone who spent the entirety of the (mostly terrible) last season screaming into the void about how it was all leading to an apocalypse, I mostly feel sweet, sweet vindication.


via Collider

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