’10 Minutes Gone’: MoviePass Films’ First Project Will Star Bruce Willis!!!

In the latest update from the ongoing MoviePass Saga—subtitled: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?—MoviePass Films has announced its first project: 10 Minutes Gone, a crime-thriller starring none other than Bruce Willis. Brian A. Miller (Vice) will direct a screenplay written by Kelvin Mao and Jeff Jingle. Deadline reports that Willis is playing a “pissed off crime boss,” which somehow is only like the fourth or fifth most amusing thing about this entire situation.

The first, of course, simply being the absolute state of MoviePass itself. You may have heard the movie ticket subscription arm of the company has been going through some tough times following the realization that you can’t just buy movie tickets for everyone in America at full price and hope things will be okay. There’s been price hikes, new release blackouts, and multiple walk-backs and under-explanations of what in the heck is actually going on. Ten to fifteen times more embarrassing than any of that is the company’s equity stake in Gotti, the crime film that mostly starred close-ups of John Travolta‘s Easter Island head as Gambino crime family patriarch John Gotti, Sr. The movie bombed, despite MoviePass’ attempts to text subscribers a few dozens times a day to remind them Gotti was, in fact, a real film playing in theaters.

10 Minutes Gone is the first project since MoviePass parent company Helios & Matheson Analytics absorbed Emmett Furla Oasis Films as a way to bolster the rapidly declining movie ticket subscription finances; basically, it’s the first movie MoviePass Films is building from scratch. (The company also had a hand in The Row, the sorority house horror film starring Randy Couture.) Rounding out the cast of 10 Minutes Gone is Meadow Williams (Den of Thieves), Sergio Rizzuto, and Tyler Jon Olson. 

Meanwhile, Willis has Glass coming up in early 2019, M. Night Shyamalan‘s absolutely incredible-looking sequel to Unbreakable and Split that you almost assuredly will not be able to buy a ticket to using MoviePass.


via Collider

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