‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’: New Image Reveals the Return of Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott!! Check It Out!!

It’s an American Horror Story reunion in a new set photo from the upcoming eighth season of the series. While we’ve seen connective tissue before, the impending American Horror Story: Apocalypse is the first official crossover season of the show, bringing together the storylines of the show’s first (Murder House) and third (Coven) seasons. And a new set photo takes it way back, as we see Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott reprising their roles as the Harmons from Season 1.

It’s a little tough to remember now, but at the time that American Horror Story Season 1 was airing, no one knew it was an anthology series. As the show barreled towards its finale it appeared as though creator Ryan Murphy was running out of steam even more quickly than usual, then the cat was out of the back: the show was an anthology, the Season 1 finale was a decisive ending, and Season 2 would be an entirely new story with a new cast.

But Murphy’s now coming back around, continuing the Murder House story in a unique way. When we last left the Harmons, Vivien (Britton) died giving birth to an antichrist demon child and Ben (McDermott) had committed suicide in his grief. But this being Murder House, those who died inside the house would live on forever as ghosts, which is how we meet back up with the characters in Season 8.

Cody Fern (Versace: American Crime Story) is onboard to play the grown-up version of Michael Landon, the aforementioned demon child, and Jessica Lange is reprising her role as Constance Langdon while nearly the entire cast of Coven is reprising their roles—likely to try and fight off this pure evil.

What’s interesting is that Taissa Farmiga will be playing both her Coven and Murder House characters, so just because performers played different characters in both seasons doesn’t necessarily mean they have to stick to one for Apocalypse.

Check out the set photo below, which also reveals that Sarah Paulson is directing this episode. American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres on FX on September 12th.


via Collider

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