‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’: Dean Norris Joins the Guillermo del Toro Written Film!!!

Breaking Bad star and sex gif connoisseur Dean Norris has joined Guillermo del Toro‘s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.The film—which will be directed by André Øvredal, from a script by Del Toro and Kevin Hageman (Trollhunters)—is based on a series of children’s horror books from the 80’s and early-90’s that absolutely none of us had any right to be reading at such a young age. Norris—who did his horror rounds with three season of CBSUnder the Dome—joins the cast alongside Patriotstar Gil Bellows and Into the BadlandsLorraine Toussaint.

Lorraine, Gil, and Dean are exceptionally talented actors who also happen to be game for all of the creepy madness that this film entails,” Øvredal said in a statement. “We are thrilled to have them aboard our macabre little train.”

Macabre little train is the most delightful way to describe something that is most likely going to mentally scar a great deal of people, and I thank Øvredal for that gift. The horrorshow certainly has been ramping up its casting process lately, with Javier Botet telling EW he would be joining the project. You may not know the Spanish actor’s name or face, but you’ve certainly seen his bendy rail-thin body; Botet is a creature actor, most recently donning prosthetics as the title ghoul in Slender Man and the leper in IT, as well as performing motion capture work as a Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant and The Conjuring 2‘s Crooked Man.

And since it wouldn’t be a proper Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie without a few children to traumatize, Del Toro and Co. also recently added Zoe Colletti (Annie), Gabriel Rush (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Austin Abrams (The Americans), Austin Zajur (Kidding), and Natalie Ganzhorn (The Stanley Dynamic) to the cast.


via Collider

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