‘Venom’: Director Fleischer Teases A Potential Unrated Cut!!!

It was only yesterday that we shred the news that the upcoming Venom movie will be rated PG-13, but fans can rest assured the possibility for a more intense cut of the film still exists. Venom was originally teased as a hardcore, R-rated take on the character, but Sony Pictures and director Ruben Fleischer pulled back a bit during production and post-production, reportedly over concerns it might make a potential crossover with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man (controlled by the PG-13-only Marvel Studios) impossible—should Marvel Studios even be willing to cross those streams.

So we know Venom will be hitting theaters as PG-13, but in a new interview with Fandango, Fleischer reveals that a Venom unrated cut shouldn’t be ruled out:

“I wouldn’t rule anything out. We’ll have to see where it lands, I guess, but I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

This seems to suggest that Fleischer and Co. shot some scenes that could potentially shift over to R-rated territory, much like James Mangold did on The Wolverine. That’s not exactly the same as making an R-rated movie, but it would certainly be an added incentive for fans to pick the film up on home video.

As for the theatrical cut, Fleischer reveals in the same interview that Venom sets itself apart from other comic book movies by its gritty qualities:

“When I set out to make the movie, I wanted to distinguish the film tonally, and I wanted to make a darker, grittier, kind of edgier comic book movie that also has a strong horror element, which is inherent to the character and the comic. Those were the aspects: darker, edgier, grittier. I think Tom Hardy embodies all of those qualities. The combination of Tom, Venom the character, and then the look of the film, which we really tried to make look, like I just said, edgy and gritty and dark and grounded of this world.”

In the same interview, Fleischer all but confirms that Venom will have a post-credits scene, so stick around through those credits when the film hits theaters on October 5th, folks.


via Collider

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