‘Venom’: New IMAX Poster Zooms In On The Anti-Hero!! Check It Out!!

IMAX and Sony Pictures released a new poster for the upcoming release of Venom, and my heavens, that is an uncomfortably long tongue. The upcoming anti-hero flick sees Tom Hardy joining forces (and bodies) with an extraterrestrial symbiote that grants him super strength and invulnerability but comes with a distinct taste for ultraviolence and the vital organs inside complete strangers. Fair trade all around.

I actually really dig this poster, which boasts an over-the-top art style reminiscent of the x-tremeeeee comic books of the 1990’s that Venom, as a character, thrives in. With a PG-13 rating, an Eminem track, and that “turd in the wind” line—which is actually amazing, one almost gets the feeling that Venom is about to be a lot goofier than expected. This isn’t exactly a bad thing. Venom and Eddie Brock are big, loud characters, more suitable for a straight-up ridiculous romp than a Dark Knight-style character study. Venom doesn’t have to be rated R to be a big, loud, ridiculously enjoyable movie; couple that with the sights and sounds of an IMAX experience, and director Ruben Fleischer’s film might just leave audiences feeling like some sort of fecal matter caught in a strong breeze. Or something very similar to that.

Check out the poster below. Venom—which also stars Jenny SlateMichelle WilliamsRiz Ahmed, and Woody Harrelson—hits theaters on October 5.


Image via Sony Pictures, IMAX


via Collider

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