‘Train to Busan’: James Wan to Produce the Remake from ‘The Nun’ Writer Gary Dauberman!!!

Sources have told Collider’s Jeff Sneider that New Line Cinema is in final negotiations to close a deal for the rights to Train to Busan. Original story below:

Modern day horror world-builder James Wan will produce a remake of the Korean zombie flick Train to Busan with The Nun writer Gary Dauberman providing the script.

Director San-ho Yeon’s film–which follows passengers on a train from Seoul to Busan in the middle of a zombie outbreak—did absolute gangbusters in South Korea and worldwide, taking in $85 million at the box office. The U.S. domestic box office, though, only accounted for $2 million of that take. But if there’s anyone to usher in a successful remake it’s the Wan-Dauberman duo. Wan practically created a modern day horror universe with The Conjuring films, which have branched off into two Annabelle films and The Nun spin-off, all written by Dauberman, who also penned the hit IT adaptation.

Dauberman’s a bit of a mixed bag quality-wise; IT ruled, but Annabelle is by far the weakest Conjuring offering and the scariest thing about The Nun was my deep-seeded Catholic guilt. But there’s no denying the man writes hits. The Nun opened to a downright sinful $53 million, higher than the first weekends for both Conjuring and Annabelle films.

It’s hard to say when Train to Busan could possibly kick off production, as both producer and writer are a bit busy at the moment. Wan is about to release a film you may have heard of, titled Aquaman,following the underwater adventures of Jason Momoa. Dauberman has his own comic book project in the works, a Swamp Thing series for DC’s streaming service DC Universe, as well as IT: Chapter 2 and a third film in the Annabelle franchise.


via Collider

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