Arrowverse Crossover Poster Introduces the ‘Elseworlds’ Title!!! Check It Out!!

The massive Arrowverse crossover event is coming, although it will be a little less massive than in years past. This time around, the Legends of Tomorrow will not be joining The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, which is a shame. At the same time, these crossovers are always insane logistical nightmares, and as fun as it is to see our heroes interacting with one another, it’s taxing on the series and hard to keep within the continuity of each.

That second reason may be why the title for the crossover this year is titled “Elseworlds,” a nod to a set of classic DC titles that tend to happen outside of the main storyline (like Gotham by Gaslight or Kingdom Come). The crossover is also scrambling up the regularly scheduled programming by swapping around the dates these series usually air — Flash will take over Supergirl‘s Sunday slot to kick things off, moving on to Arrow on Monday, and then Supergirl on Tuesday.

Over the course of the crossover, the gang will be taking a trip to Gotham City, where they will team-up with Batwoman (Ruby Rose), as part of an introduction for a character that will be getting her own series next year. Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) will also make an appearance as well as Superman Tyler Hoechlin. Cassandra Jean Amell has also been cast as Nora Fries, the wife of famous Bat-villain Mr. Freeze.

Now, if Hoechlin’s Superman is involved, this makes me think that Gotham City is in Supergirl’s universe. Remember (as sometimes the CW seems to forget), Supergirl actually takes place in an alt dimension from The Flash and Arrow. That means that Batwoman might, as well. Although Oliver Queen has talked about Bruce Wayne on Arrow before, referencing Gotham City there, so … who knows, honestly. It’s going to be a ride!

Check out the full poster below, which also provides some handy tune-in info:



via Collider

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