‘’A Star Is Born’: Music Video for Oscar-Contending Original Song “Shallow” Released!! Check It Out!!

Let’s get this out of the way: Warner Bros.’ A Star Is Born is the early frontrunner in the Oscar race. Ever since its debut on the fall film festival circuit, it’s been clear that this movie is going to be a major contender in a number of categories, with a strong shot to win some big prizes like Best Picture, and Best Director and Best Actor for Bradley Cooper. But this being a music-centric film and all, the film is also up for the Best Original Song Oscar, and there are a lot of songs from this film that could potentially win. A Star Is Born’s biggest shot, however, is probably a song called “Shallow,” which has been released online in its entirety ahead of the soundtrack release next week.

“Shallow” is a wildly emotional number and plays a key role throughout the film. It’s also just a great song, as you’ll see when you watch the music video below. Lady Gaga co-wrote the song with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt, so look for those folks to potentially take the stage come Oscar night. Up to two songs from any one film can score Best Original Song nominations, but Warner Bros. will likely be putting its weight behind one song to have better odds. With “Shallow” being released as the first single from the soundtrack, it’s clear this is their number.

Take a listen to “Shallow” below if you so desire, but if you plan on seeing the film when it hits theaters on October 5th, I’d actually advise you hold off. As I said, this is a song that plays a key role in the film, and is probably best experienced within the context of the movie. But if you can’t wait, I’m not gonna hold that against you.

via Collider

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