‘Dance Dance Revolution’: Video Game Is Getting A Movie Adaptation!!!

Well, it appears we may know where the video game movie curse will strike next, with Variety reporting that Greg Silverman’s recently-formed Stampede is in development on a big screen adaptation of Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution.

According to the site, the movie will explore a world on the brink of destruction, where the only hope to save the planet is to unite through the universal language of dance. The film will be produced by Stampede and Konami, along with J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum of Branded Entertainment.

Dance Dance Revolution – or DDR – originally launched in Japan in 1998 before reaching North American and European arcades in 1999 and sees players using a dance mat to hit corresponding colored arrows that appear on screen in time with the music. The franchise has spawned dozens of arcade and console releases over the years, as well as spawning an entire genre filled with similar titles.


via Flickering Myth

One response to “‘Dance Dance Revolution’: Video Game Is Getting A Movie Adaptation!!!

  1. It is a culture in Tokyo – just was there watching the INCREDIBLE dancers – they wait in line to compete and there are tons of people watching and video taping them (like me). Crazy awesome, and I would watch that movie!


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