‘Gotham’ Reveals A More Official Look at Shane Black’s Bane!! Check It Out!!

It’s incredibly reassuring to know that just because Gotham will come to an end after its fifth season, Fox’s precious baby Batman prequel isn’t giving up on its bonkers Tim Burton on black tar heroin aesthetic. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, which is more than we can say for several people’s spines once Shane West‘s Bane arrives to the series. Earlier today a few janky unofficial images of West in costume hit the internet, but now, thanks to EW, we have our legit full-body look at the masked villain in all his Mad Max meets Darth Vader-looking glory.

Right off the bat, I’ll mention that the decision to give him the shoulder pads of a 1980’s daytime talk show host is certainly a choice. But no, given the show’s overall vibe? That is exactly what Bane would look like on Gotham. This is a show that dedicated an entire story to balloon-themed murder in like episode three. This wonderful series’ Mr. Freeze looks like a hot water heater made forbidden love to a Dalek. (Mr. Freeze’s costume doesn’t even cover his head! Why’s he even wearing the costume!) Gotham‘s character choices have always been beautifully wonky, is what I’m saying, so to introduce a Bane who souped up a laser tag vest and breathes through a sleep apnea mask is, if nothing else, on-brand.

West’s iteration of the character—a definite departure from Tom Hardy‘s meathead philiosopher—will first appear under the name Eduardo Dorrance, an army pal of GCPD detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie). Eduardo is “very, very strong, and very angry,” says Gotham showrunner John Stephens, which certainly checks out.

Check out the image below. Gotham returns in midseason 2019.


Image via EW/FOX


via Collider

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