‘American Vandal’ Cancelled by Netflix!!!

In a pretty shocking move, the Netflix comedy series American Vandal has been cancelled. The show premiered in 2017 as a true crime mockumentary of sorts, following the success of programs like Serial and Making a Murderer. Season 1 chronicled a pair of high school students trying to uncover the culprit behind a bunch of drawings of dicks on cars in the school parking lot, while Season 2—which just premiered last month—turned its focus to “The Turd Burglar.”

The show was seemingly pretty cheap, got great reviews, and appeared to be popular. So why did Netflix cancel it? Well, you may have noticed the streaming service has been on a bit of a cancellation string as of late, axing the Marvel series Iron Fist and Luke Cage the past two weeks. THR reports that this trend appears to be focused on shows that Netflix doesn’t own outright. Iron Fist and Luke Cage were owned by Marvel TV, while American Vandal is a CBS TV Studios production. Clearly the streaming service is favoring content it produces in-house, like GLOW and Stranger Things.

THR notes that there’s hope that American Vandal could find a new home, as CBS TV Studios has received multiple calls to revive the series somewhere else for a third season. The show’s producers had already been plotting out American Vandal Season 3, and one imagines CBS’ own streaming service CBS All Access would be an obvious fit.

If American Vandal does get revived, it could be the first Netflix series cancelled to find a home on another network. That’s counter to how Netflix built its brand in the first place, as the streaming service initially became known as a haven for cancelled shows like Arrested Development, The Killing, and Longmire to continue on or finish up their stories. Netflix has mostly discontinued that practice, again because it seems like they’re much more focused on ensuring they own most if not all of the content that they distribute.

Regardless, this is sad news for American Vandal fans as it was one of the smartest comedies on TV. Here’s hoping it gets revived. Strange things are certainly afoot at Netflix recently…


via Collider

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