‘Once Upon a Deadpool’: First Poster Has Fred Aaron Savage In It!! Check It Out!!

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it would never work. They said, “Please stop calling our office, sir, or we will have to report you to the authorities.” But it’s finally happening: A PG-13 cut of David Leitch‘s Deadpool 2 will be arriving this holiday season to delight children, adults, and everyone who keeps a well-worn copy of People Magazine’s 2010 edition of Sexiest Man Alive on their bedside table. And now, courtesy of the man himself, Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds, we have the first look at the holiday-themed poster for the farmily-friendly theatrical re-release dubbed Once Upon a Deadpool.

This Christmas season, the new Deadpool 2 cut, edited to meet PG-13 guidelines, will feature the bulk of the footage of the original movie. But it will also come with new footage packaged around the movie as a framing device featuring Fred Savage. If the words “bulk”, “package”, and “Fred Savage” don’t have you salivating already, then there’s this kicker: $1 of every ticket sold will go to F*ck Cancer, renamed to Fudge Cancer in the spirit of the PG-13 feature. You can check out the re-release in limited engagement starting December 12th and running through Christmas Eve.

Take a look at the family-friendly poster for Once Upon a Deadpool below:

via Collider

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