Tilda Swinton Joins Wes Anderson’s French Musical With Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman Rumored!!

When last Tilda Swinton and Wes Anderson collaborated, it was for the former to lend a voice to the latter’s stop-motion animated creation of Oracle in the awards-contender Isle of Dogs. When next they work together, Swinton might end up with a more musical role. It seems as if the Oscar-winning actor has joined Anderson’s latest, an untitled French musical set just after World War II.

Charante Libre (via The Playlist), which previously brought us some insider info on the secretive project, now reports that Swinton has signed on in earnest. We’ll stop short of calling it “official” until an actual studio press release comes out with the news, but it’s an exciting turn nonetheless. Production is expected to start in France soon, February at last check, for a 2020 release date. Once the cameras start rolling, we should have confirmation of Swinton’s involvement, along with the also-rumored attachment of Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman and Lea Seydoux to the cast.

Swinton, who also starred in Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom, could be joined by other Anderson collaborators. Portman previously starred in The Darjeeling Limited and its prequel short Hotel Chevalier and Seydoux starred in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Pitt, meanwhile, starred in this Anderson-directed SoftBank commercial.

While you could write that off as a silly cash grab, the fact is that the one-shot take filmed in a French seaside town was inspired by Jacques Tati‘s 1953 comedy Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday. Could Anderson & Co. be stretching that idea out into a feature-length adaptation of sorts? It really does have everything Anderson has become known for–offbeat comedy, slice-of-life tales, time spent in lavish resorts–so the yet-to-be-titled film might just be a distillation of everything in the Oscar-nominee’s repertoire. And let’s keep in mind that it’s supposed to be a musical, so we can hopefully look forward to seeing Anderson’s cast, whoever they may be, getting some time to croon.


via Collider

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