‘Guava Island’: Donald Glover And Rihanna Debut First Trailer for Their Mystery Project!! Check It Out!!

Anytime Donald Glover and Hiro Murai team up, people kind of lose their shit. Murai directed numerous episodes of Glover’s Emmy and Golden Globe-winning FX comedy Atlanta, including the conversation-dominating episode Teddy Perkins, as well as a few of the music videos for Glover’s alter ego Childish Gambino.

Earlier this year, the pair unleashed the music video for This Is America on the world and it was all anybody could talk about online or in person for days. Now, the duo is teaming up again for a mysterious project known as Guava Island and they’ve added none other that motherflipping Rihanna to the mix just so you can get a little more excited.

Glover debuted the first look footage from Guava Island to the crowds at his second annual PHAROS festival in New Zealand over the holiday weekend. The mysterious and secretive project has been on lock down since Glover and Rihanna were spotted filming in Cuba earlier this year, and the first look footage keeps the mystery alive while providing some hints at what fans can look forward to.

Billed as a “Childish Gambino Film” in the trailer, the project features the duo as a couple in an idyllic looking paradise locale where they get mixed up in some sort of crime thriller shenanigans. “We live in paradise but none of us actually have the time or the means to live here,” Glover says in the trailer. The film also features Nonso Anozie and Black Panther breakout Letitia Wright. And even after the trailer, it remains quite a mystery. Check out a fan video of the trailer below.

It’s still unknown if the film will feature music from either artist. However, Glover is seen practicing music in the trailer, and given it’s under his Childish Gambino banner, it’s certainly a possibility. Is it a feature film? Seems unlikely given the busy schedules of its stars, but certainly not impossible. Short film? Long music video? We’ll have to wait and see! Most likely, we’re going to get something along the lines of Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, the companion film Glover and Murai created for Childish Gambino’s 2013 album Because The Internet.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wright played up the mysteries of Guava Island. “I can’t tell you anything,” the actress said. “I don’t even know … what is Guava Island? I have no clue. I don’t know anything. I don’t even know where they got my name from!”

Hell we don’t even know how long we’re gonna have to wait to find out the answers, as no release date has been set for the project. Additionally, neither artists has posted to their social accounts about the project since the footage debuted. Earlier this year, Glover confirmed that he planned to retire as Childish Gambino after the conclusion of his This Is America tour, so Guava Island could be something of a send off for his alter ego. Whatever it turns out to be, with Glover, Murai and Rihanna on board, you can bet we’ll be watching.


via Collider

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