‘Toy Story 4’: New International Poster Teases a Carnival Setting!! Check It Out!!

A new poster for Toy Story 4 has landed online, and it’s far less somber than the teaser posters that accompanied the trailer release a couple of weeks ago. We still know next to nothing about the story for the sequel, as it appears to have changed significantly since Toy Story 4 was first announced. At that time, John Lasseter was poised to direct and was teasing a “romantic comedy” storyline that involved Woody (Tom Hanks) and Bo Peep (Annie Potts). Since that iteration, the film’s original screenwriters left (Rashida Jones and Will McCormack), Lasseter stepped down as director and Josh Cooley took over, and Lasseter left Pixar altogether this year. So, yeah, blank slate.

What we do know is that Toy Story 4 will introduce the character of Forky, voiced by Tony Hale, who is a spork made to look like a toy, but who goes through an existential crisis as a result—is he a toy, or is he a utensil? We also know Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are playing Key & Peele-like characters Duck and Bunny, and in their very own teaser video they were shown at a carnival of sorts, alluding to the fact that they’re in fact carnival prizes.

That carnival setting can be seen in the background of this Toy Story 4 poster, and even the font for the title is done up in carnival style. We know the film will find the original gang adjusting to their new life at Bonnie’s house after Andy dropped his toys off before leaving for college (trigger warning!), but how they get to this carnival is unclear. Pixar films tend to have a theme, and the theme of Toy Story 3 was that of a prison break. How does this carnival fit in, and what genre will Toy Story 4 fill? We’ll find out next summer.

For now, check out the new Toy Story 4 poster below via Disney Ireland. The film also stars Tom HanksTim AllenJoan CusackDon RicklesEstelle HarrisWallace ShawnJohn RatzenbergerJeff Pidgeon, and Blake ClarkToy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21, 2019.


via Collider

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