‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Chelsea Peretti and Andy Samberg Tease An Emotional Exit For Gina!!!

2018 has been an emotional rollercoaster for Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans. From the show being canceled for about 32 hours to Chelsea Peretti announcing that she’s departing the show, the fans have had to deal with a lot. During a recent set visit in Los Angeles, California, I participated in roundtable interviews with the cast and executive producer Dan Goor to talk about the upcoming season.The main question on everyone’s mind was how they would write Gina off the show and if she could return in the future. Here’s what they had to say.

What can you tease about Gina exiting?

DAN GOOR: I’ll just say that it’s sort of a 2-episode arc that Jake plays a big part of and I think one of the things that Chelsea wanted to make sure of was that those episodes were funny, and we failed.

ANDY SAMBERG: Dry as a bone.

GOOR: Not a laugh to be found. I think there’s some stuff that’s kind of moving it in and there’s some stuff that’s really really funny and she’s fantastic.

CHELSEA PERETTI: It sounds cliche but I feel like you’ll laugh and cry which is kind of I think the ideal combination for Gina Linetti. She’s very physical and there’s a lot of very silly things she gets to do in these episodes but then there’s also some really emotional connecting scenes with her family and her friends.

Writing a character out sometimes means death or something dark. Could we expect anything like that?

PERETTI: No…no….I think there’s a much more, “Hey who knows?” kind of vibe to it. I don’t think there’ll be as much crying as you’re talking about. She’s dead, they’re throwing dirt on my grave.

Did you have any final request for Gina before you left for the season?

PERETTI: I just always want big comedy moments. I just love physical things. Sometimes Gina’s like a little dry and I like when she gets to physically do stuff and the stakes are high for her, so that was kind of my request and I got to do that so that was cool. Ya know there’s some dancing which felt appropriate to kind of bring it all together in the end. She’s a brilliant dancer. I also feel its important to show the friendship and the love as well and so she gets to kind explore her deeper feelings with people so it’s not just like BYE!

The 18-episode sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will debut January 18th on NBC


via Collider

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