‘Killing Eve’ Season 2: First Images Tease the Next Twisted Chapter!! Check It Out!!

BBC America has released seven (!) new images for the upcoming second season of its excellent thriller series Killing Eve. The show comes from Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and stars Sandra Oh as Eve, an MI-5 agent tasked with hunting down an international killer, Villanelle (the also wonderful Jodie Comer). There are so many great things about this series, including how it puts women in roles traditionally reserved for men. But more than anything, it’s the psycho-sexualized cat-and-mouse dance between Eve and Villanelle with ever-changing dynamics that makes the show truly obsession-worthy (plus, those clothes!)

The first season ended with a wounded Villanelle (a.k.a. Oksana) making an escape from Eve, after the two seem like they might come together, but ended up just continuing their twisted games. It was a dynamic I was hoping might shift at the end of Season 1 into more of a partnership, perhaps against them mysterious 12, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit for that.

The new images show Eve looking suitably worried in most of her shots, including a tub scene that reminds me somewhat of the one where she first encounters Villanelle. But elsewhere, these look like images from the premiere episode that must pick up immediately after that final escape, where we see Oksana hailing down a cab.

According to BBC America, the show (which also stars the great Fiona Shaw) has already wrapped filming its second season in Europe. As one of the most beautifully shot, creatively portrayed, and fascinating new series of this past year, I’m so excited to see where things go next. But, sorry baby, there’s no premiere date yet — although since filming has wrapped hopefully we’ll see it sometime in the spring of 2019.

Check out the new images below:


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America



via Collider

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