‘True Detective’: New Trailer Teases What’s Coming in the Weeks Ahead!! Check It Out!!

True Detective is back, in more ways than one. The HBO series first launched in 2014 and is largely responsible for two current TV trends: having one director helm an entire season, and scoring big name movie stars to lead a close-ended one-season story. While the “one director” thing only held for True Detective’s first season (directed by Cary Fukunaga) and the show’s second season was a critical disappointment, the show is back in fine form for True Detective Season 3, and a new trailer teases what we can expected in the episodes ahead.

As Allison pointed out in her positive review, creator/showrunner Nic Pizzolatto has very much gone back to Season 1 basics for this new season, which tells another crime story through the eyes of a pair of detectives over a long period of time. The framing device from Season 1 is back, and the child abduction/murder crime at the heart of the story has striking similarities to the killings that were at the center of Season 1—there’s even a creepy totem left at each crime scene!

But the similarities to the show’s first season are a gift, not a curse, and Mahershala Ali’s lead performance is heartbreaking and striking. Moreover, Pizzolatto’s decision to frame the story around memory, with Ali’s character in 2015 suffering from memory loss, is a brilliant story device.

So yeah, I’m all in on True Detective Season 3, and this trailer only makes me that much more excited for the episodes ahead. Check it out below along with a couple of featurettes that go behind the scenes of the first two episodes with Pizzolatto adding commentary. True Detective airs on HBO on Sunday nights.


via Collider


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