‘Aquaman 2’ in Development With James Wan Waiting for the Right Script to Return!!

Of no surprise to anyone, Warner Bros. is eager to dive in with Aquaman 2 (brace yourselves for puns). And as part of that, they of course want Aquaman director James Wan back at the helm. The movie is on track to become the highest-grossing DC film of all time (it’s currently $17 million shy of The Dark Knight Rises). Deadline reports that while Wan feels invested in the world-building of the colorful underwater expanse since it’s a project that he spent years on, and there is certainly plenty left to explore, that:

Wan’s spokesman says the filmmaker is taking a much-needed break right now and studio sources say that a deal won’t happen until Wan sees a seaworthy script. The project is in development mode until that happens. Another wrinkle is Wan’s first-look deal with New Line. But it would be a shocker if Warner Bros. doesn’t get Wan back on board the same way they locked in director Patty Jenkins for the Wonder Woman sequel. After watching Disney-owned rival Marvel Studios fill the sky with superheroes there’s just too much pressure on Warner Bros. to catch up for the studio to allow a proven success to get off the hook.

(Deadline is also into the ocean puns). Surely for the combo of the right price (which Wan absolutely should and likely will get), and a script that is up to par, he could return for the sequel. As the only filmmaker to ever deliver billion-dollar revenues for two different studios (the other being Furious 7 at Universal), Wan should be able to get what he wants. He’s also managed to elevate Aquaman from being a jokey Entourage plotline to a really fun and worthwhile superhero adventure. Hopefully, we’ll soon get to see what his next plans are for the franchise. The project is currently in development until the details are sorted out but … give him his payday, Warner Bros.!


via Collider

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