‘The Grimm Legacy’ Eyed As Potential Franchise For Disney+!!!

As Disney continues to plot out its quest for streaming domination with the upcoming launch of Disney+, Deadline is reporting that the Mouse House has tapped David Gleeson to write a feature adaptation of Polly Shulman’s fantasy book series The Grimm Legacy with a view to launching a potential franchise on the platform.

Shulman’s YA series launched in 2010 and includes three books – The Grimm Legacy, The Wells Bequest, and The Poe Estate – and follows a group of teens who work at a library which lends magical items to people from the Grimm collection. Here’s the Amazon description of the first book:

Elizabeth’s new job is very unusual. The building where she works might not look very interesting but behind this ordinary Manhattan façade lurks a very special place indeed. Because here you can borrow anything your
heart desires . . .

And in the basement is something so special, so secret, that Elizabeth can’t believe her eyes. The Grimm Collection.

Powerful and mysterious items that must be kept safe and can’t be lent out to just anyone. So when these objects start disappearing Elizabeth must investigate. But who can she trust? One way or another she has to find out who is stealing from the Grimm Collection . . . and for what dark purpose.

Gleeson recently scripted the supernatural thriller Don’t Go featuring Stephen Dorff and Melissa George, and has also co-written the upcoming biopic Tolkien starring Nicholas Hoult as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien.


via Flickering Myth

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