‘Fleabag’ to End with Season 2!!!

Before I start getting too upset that there will not be a third season of Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s exceptional comedy series Fleabag, I should acknowledge that it’s something of a miracle that Season 2 happened in the first place. (Well, it’s currently happening in the U.K. — we won’t see it until next month). It’s been almost 3 years since the series first debuted in the U.S.; in my review of that season (which I adored), I wrote: “Marrying an exceptional comedic sensibility while allowing its characters to have real feelings, doubts, and fears is what elevates the series past its more shallow or scattered dating-centric counterparts. Fleabag unpacks the life of a complicated young woman—with all of its pain, insecurity, anger, humor, friendship, impulses, and more—with a unique sensibility that makes it essential viewing.”

While we haven’t had to chance to watch Season 2 yet, Fleabag co-star Sian Clifford told the BBC that there would not be returning after that, saying: “There will not be a third series. This is it.” That echoes comments made by creator and star Waller-Bridge, who has said Season 2 is the “final curtain,” although she also wasn’t expecting to come back for a second season to begin with. No official statement has been made, so hope springs eternal! The new season has also garnered even more acclaim than its (very overlooked) first run of episodes, especially in Fleabag’s relationship with her sister (played by Clifford) as well as a local priest played by Andrew Scott.

For now, Clifford did say that this next (and perhaps final) season will close with a “beautiful, perfect ending.”

Fleabag‘s second season will land on these shores via Amazon on May 17th.


via Collider

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