‘Legion’ Season 3 Trailer Starts a Cult, Teases Cerebro, and Travels Through Time!! Check It Out!!

FX has released the first trailer for the third (and last) season of Legion, the network’s X-Men series created by Noah Hawley that’s made liars of us all as we tell our friends we totally understand what’s going on. If this trailer is anything to go on, the trip down the rabbit hole is only going to get more far out, man as the show heads into its final episodes.

Season 2 ended on a mighty divisive note, as the show’s telepathic protagonist David Haller (Dan Stevens) appeared to make the final moves into becoming the full-blown supervillain he is in the comics. Season 3 isn’t exactly shying away from that, as it definitely looks like David went and started a cult. “I help people open their minds,” David says, which is 100% some cult leader shit to say.

This new season also appears to be taking a trip through time, as David recruits a time-traveling mutant named Switch (Lauren Tsai) to help stop Syd (Rachel Keller) and Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban) from killing him, a murder that already happened. This show is very complicated. What’s interesting, though, is that Legion has so far been an X-Men show in names and subtle references only. But season 3 is poised to give its most blatant X-shoutout yet; Game of Thrones alum Harry Lloyd joins the cast as Charles Xavier, David’s father and the future Professor X. We only get the briefest of glimpses of Charles in the trailer, but he certainly looks to be testing out an early version of Cerebro. The process seems to be going…extremely poorly so far.

Check out the trailer below, followed by the official season 3 poster. Legion—which also stars Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin, Amber Midthunder, and Jeremie Harris—returns to FX for its third and final season on Monday, June 24.

via Collider


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