‘Kung Fury 2’ To Begin Shooting This Summer!!

You may recall back in early 2018 that it was announced that actor-director David Sandberg would be helming a feature length follow-up to his 2015 viral short Kung Fury, with the film going on to assemble a rather unlikely and impressive cast that would see Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Dark Phoenix), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator: Dark Fate) and Eiza Gonzalez (Baby Driver) starring alongside the returning Sanberg and David Hasselhoff.

While its projected 2018 shoot never happened, MovieWeb is now reporting that Kung Fury 2 is set to begin filming at the end of July, with Creasun Entertainment USA and Argent Pictures co-financing and co-producing.

Kung Fury 2 is the very exciting vision of David Sandberg, and it contains all the elements of a magical and fun ride for all ages,” said George Acogny of Creasun. “We are thrilled to be part of this great project and can’t wait to share it with the whole world, where it will no doubt create excitement across the globe!”

Kung Fury 2 will take place in 1980s Miami and sees the titular hero disbanding the Thundercops after the tragic death of one of its members. However, when a mysterious villain emerges from the shadows to aid in the Fuhrer’s quest to attain the ultimate weapon, Kung Fury is forced to travel through space and time to save his friends, defend the prestigious Miami Kung Fu Academy, and defeat evil once and for all.

The MovieWeb report also implies that Fassbender, Schwarzenegger and Gonzalez all remain on board, and while that’s unconfirmed at present, hopefully we’ll get some official news soon.


via Flickering Myth

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