‘Halloween 2’ to Release in 2020 with Jamie Lee Curtis Returning!!!

When a film takes in $255 million worldwide on a $10 million production budget, chances are, it’s getting a sequel. And sure enough, multiple sources tell Collider that Blumhouse’s Halloween 2 is gearing up to start shooting after Labor Day, and that Universal will likely release the horror movie on October 16, 2020, which the studio had already reserved for an untitled Blumhouse film.

Jamie Lee Curtis is all but assured to return as Laurie Strode, the tough-as-nails franchise survivor who may just be Michael Myers’ worst nightmare, while Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are expected to reprise their respective roles as Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter, though talent deals have yet to close. Not too many other people survived the events of 2018’s Halloween, so expect Blumhouse to introduce a new cast of supporting characters, i.e. a new batch of victims for The Shape.

A representative for Blumhouse had no comment.

And now for the big question — who will direct the Halloween sequel? Sources say that David Gordon Green wrote the script and is expected to return, which is a smart move. Not only did he do a great job with the last film, elevating the genre material with his art house sensibilities, but there’s no reason for Blumhouse to mess with a successful formula. Not only did the last Halloween film make a killing at the box office, but it was well-received by critics to the tune of a 79% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes — pretty good for a slasher movie!

Halloween premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the sequel followed suit, but it’ll all come down to how strongly Blumhouse believes in the finished film. They knew they had the goods last year and that confidence permeated every aspect of the film’s release.

Longtime franchise caretaker Malek Akkad will produce alongside Blum and Bill Block, and Danny McBride will likely return to executive produce alongside Green, Curtis, original Halloween director John Carpenter, and Blumhouse’s Couper Samuelson, among others. Stay tuned for an official announcement later this summer, but at this point, it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the last of Michael Myers. And frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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