‘Breaking Bad’: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Tease a Possible Reunion!!!

Are America’s two favorite meth boys back at it again? Breaking Bad stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are being cagey on Twitter, both sharing the same picture of two donkeys out in a very New Mexico-looking desert with the caption “soon”. Better Call Saul showrunner Peter Gould, who also served as a writer and producer on Breaking Bad, followed the photos up with “Looking forward to this.”

So, some options, taking into account the fact Cranston’s Walter White died pretty hard in the Breaking Bad finale. There’s the upcoming sequel film that focuses on Paul’s Jesse Pinkman, which is headed to Netflix before AMC. The official synopsis says the movie “will follow the escape of a kidnapped man (Paul’s Jesse) and his quest for freedom”, but it’s not impossible to fit in a Walter White flashback.

More likely, there’s Better Call Saul, which returns for season 5 in 2020. During last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan confirmed that Walter and Jesse wouldn’t be making any Saul appearances in season 4, but he didn’t rule out an appearance down the road. “We don’t want to jerk folks around,” Gilligan said at the time. “But we would be sorely remiss if these characters didn’t appear in the show before it ended.”

Or, third option, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul took to Twitter just to dick around with their followers, which I would 100% do pretty much every day if I was famous.

I guess we’ll see! Until then, check out the tweets below. Does this mean anything of substance or are the two actors just showing their asses on the internet for fun?


via Collider

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