‘Game of Thrones’ Reunion Clip Revealed!! Check It Out!!

The overall reaction to Game of Thrones season 8 was, to put it charitably, a little split. No matter where you landed, I think we can all now agree that nothing in “The Long Night” or the sack of Winterfell came close to the highs of watching Kit Harington telling a video of his own baby face to “fuck off.”

The incredibly charming little clip comes courtesy of the Game of Thrones cast reunion hosted by Conan O’Brien, which you can only see in its entirety if you snag the “Complete Collection” Blu-ray box set. (Plus, you get a cool wood box thing!) There’s a lot to love in the two-minute segment, mostly because this cast never stopped being anything but a delight, even when the show wasn’t. You get to see the earliest signs of the unending friendship between Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, back when they were hyper-media trained and saying press release bites like “Oh my gosh, I am in medieval times, it’s not 2009 anymore!” There’s also Isaac Hempstead Wright at a time when he was but a wee Bran flake, and Harington looking as clean-shaven as humanly possible. It’s all very endearing, and a good reminder of why you fell in love with this series in the first place.

Check out the clip below. Game of Thrones: The Complete Series will be available on December 3rd.


via Collider

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