‘Fast and Furious 9’: Jordana Brewster Returning for Sequel!!!

Production is underway on Fast and Furious 9, and it looks like Dom Toretto’s sister Mia will be back along for the ride. Vin Diesel posted on his Instagram that Jordana Brewster was in the movie. Brewster played Mia in five of the past eight Fast and Furious movies, but the franchise never really knew what to do with her. She was the love interest for Paul Walker’s Brian. When Paul Walker died in 2013, Furious 7 was retooled to write Brian out of the series and when he went into the sunset, Mia and their child went along with him.

But now it looks like Mia and a young actor who plays her son will be part of Fast 9. However, the question now becomes how large that role could possibly be for Brewster. Again, the series has really never known what to do with her and has never been particularly concerned with her character arc. In latter movies, she existed primarily to be a worried voice on the other end of the telephone, pleading with Brian to be safe. Also, if Mia is back and there’s no Brian, does this mean they’re killing off the character in universe? That would go over very poorly with fans, who were moved by the touching and sensitive way the franchise dealt with Walker’s death for Furious 7 by giving Brian a peaceful drive into the distance.

If I had to guess, the line will be that Brian is off doing his own thing and that Mia’s role will be, as always, fairly minor compared to the rest of the cast.

Fast & Furious 9 is set to open on May 22, 2020. Justin Lin returns to direct the film, which also stars Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, and John Cena.

via Collider

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