‘Seberg’: First Look Reveals Kristen Stewart in the Upcoming Biopic!! Check It Out!!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we’ve got a first look image from the upcoming biopic Seberg, which stars Kristen Steward (Charlie’s Angels) as Jean Seberg, the American actress who became an icon of the French New Wave thanks to her role in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 classic Breathless.

“Whenever you do a movie about a real person — especially if they’re no longer living — [it feels] like that thing where, if someone passes away, you wonder if they can see you pick your nose or something,” said Stewart of her experiences on the film. “You wonder: Are they overlooking? I just played Jean Seberg, and [I would feel it] every single time there was a cat that would run through the frame! I always wondered if we were doing things right. n this weird fantasy world, I became so close to her in my own little psyche of making this movie. If she [would’ve been able to] walk into a room, I would [feel] like a sister, or if someone said a bad word about her I’d [defend her] like, ‘Hey! She existed!” like I knew her. Anything that would happen on set that was a little eerie, I always attributed it to her!”

Seberg is directed by Benedict Andrews (Una) and sees Kristen Stewart starring alongside Jack O’Connell, Anthony Mackie, Colm Meaney, Margaret Qualley, Vince Vaughn, Zazie Beetz, Stephen Root and Yvan Atta. It is set to premiere at this year’s Venice International Film Festival.


via Flickering Myth

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