‘Instinct’ Canceled by CBS!!!

CBS has canceled “Instinct” after two seasons.

Series creator Michael Rauch broke the news on his Twitter account Saturday morning.

“I’m very sad to relay the news that @instinctcbs won’t be renewed for a 3rd season. We will double up this Sunday and our season/series finale will be Aug 25. Endless thanks to @Alancumming & @bojnovak for making Dylan & Lizzie more everything than I could have ever hoped & thanks to our incredible crew, cast, writers, producers & all who helped make our show, with respect, talent & kindness. And a giant thank you to our diehard fans for your love, loyalty & excellent taste (is it too soon to ask for a reboot?) @TVdub

The series will air back-to-back episodes on Sunday, with its finale slated on Sunday, Aug. 25.

“Instinct” stars Alan Cumming as Dylan Reinhart, a former CIA operative turned author and university professor who also consults for the NYPD, partnered with detective Lizzie Needham (Bojana Novakovic).

Novakovic responded to the news, writing: “WELL THIS SUCKS BALLS. But when one door closes another… actually fuck that. This sucks balls. Love to all our fans and the most incredible cast and crew. Thank you all for an incredible two years.”

via The Wrap

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