‘The Politician’ Trailer Reveals Ryan Murphy’s First Netflix Series!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has released the first trailer for the upcoming original series The Politician, and it’s a humdinger. The show is the first Netflix series from Ryan Murphy, who signed a massive overall deal with the streaming service to create new film and television content, ending his long-running tenure with Fox. While Murphy’s ongoing Fox-owned series like American Horror Story and American Crime Story will continue, Netflix plays host to all new Ryan Murphy content, and The Politician is a heck of an opening statement.

Created by Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brenner—the trio behind the sensational Glee but also the forgettable Scream Queens—this new series stars Tony Award-winning actor Ben Platt as a wealthy high school student from California with ambitions of becoming President of the United States. But first, he must be elected Student Body President, which necessitates ruthless wheeling and dealing with a host of colorful characters.

The conceit behind The Politician is that each season will chronicle a different kind of election, leading up to a final season that finds the character actually running for U.S. President. That’s an ambitious plan, but it kind of marries the concept of an anthology series with a serialized one, and to be frank Murphy’s anthology shows are usually more satisfying. So I’m certainly curious to see how this all turns out.

As for this first season, the tone is wild and energetic, mixing satire with big comedy moments, but tackling a number of serious real-world issues in dramatic fashion. So, a Ryan Murphy show. The big takeaway? Jessica Lange just might run away with the whole thing.

Check out the first trailer for The Politician below. The first season consists of eight hour-long episodes. The series also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton, Julia Schlaepfer, Laura Dreyfuss, Rahne Jones, Theo Germaine, David Corenswet, Bob Balaban and Benjamin Barrett. The Politician premieres on Netflix on September 27th.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Politician:

Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), a wealthy student from Santa Barbara, California, has known since age seven that he’s going to be the President of the United States. But first he’ll have to navigate the most treacherous political landscape of all: Saint Sebastian High School. To get elected Student Body President, secure a spot at Harvard, and stay on his singular path to success, Payton will have to outsmart his ruthless classmates without sacrificing his own morality and carefully crafted image. Full of dark comedy and sly satire, Ryan Murphy’s The Politician offers a rare glimpse into just what it takes to make a politician.


via Collider

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