‘AHS: 1984’: Full Trailer Has a Ton of ’80s Slasher Movie Connections!! Check It Out!!

The trailer for AHS: 1984, the ninth season of FX’s American Horror Storyis here. Focusing on a group of friends played by Emma RobertsBillie LourdCody FernGus Kenworthy, and DeRon Horton, the new season promises lots of camp in all it’s glorious forms as well as a new villain, and tons of references to classic ’80s slasher movies.

The trailer opens with a prologue this new season’s gory events: a hooded figure enters into a cabin full of sleeping girls and proceeds to wreak havoc, leaving lots of victims in his wake. Cut to a room colored the brightest shade on pastel pink known to man and the quintessential 1980’s aerobics class in session. Move over, Jane Fonda, because Fern’s character is busy teaching a room full of gorgeous 20-somethings how to strengthen their cores.

Fern’s character then shares with a group of friends he’s been hired to teach classes at a camp for a couple of weeks and invites them to join him. Included in the group is Emma Roberts’ character, who seems nervous to be so far away from civilization. It’s at this point the trailer a possible connection Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. the Night Stalker, who snuck into homes in Los Angeles and San Francisco and killed people while they slept in the mid-80s, is teased. In a few brief shots, we see a man with a profile similar to Ramirez’s get into Roberts’ character’s home and terrorize her. In true final girl fashion, she survives and proves she can handle a nighttime invader.

Those instincts will come in handy when the season 9 villain, escaped asylum patient Mr. Jingles (who goes unseen but has a very similar frame to returning cast member John Carroll Lynch), inevitably shows up at the camp and terrorizes everyone. Could Mr. Jingles be the person accidentally run over by the group of young adults earlier in the trailer? We’ll have to wait and see. Leslie Grossman and Angelica Ross also make appearances as camp employees who will get caught up in the terrors throughout the season. Matthew Morrison‘s character, who was teased in footage released by AHS showrunner Ryan Murphy in July, also makes an appearance while helping the others escape the mysterious killer.

Given that this season takes place for the most part at a remote summer camp in 1984, there will no doubt be tons of references to ’80s horror movies. There summer camp setting recalls Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp, plus that moment in the trailer where Mr. Jingles’ escape is teased recalls 1981’s Halloween II. As with all things AHS, what we see in the trailer is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out the trailer for American Horror Story: 1984 below:

via Collider

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