Netflix and Eddie Murphy Planning a Series of Stand-Up Specials!!!

The Eddie Murphy renaissance continues as reports the actor may be planning a series of stand-up specials with Netflix emerge. Murphy is currently gear up for one hell of a late 2019 with his new film, Dolemite is My Name, arriving on Netflix on October 4 and a return to Saturday Night Live as host for their December 21 episode.

Now, Deadline reports Murphy is possibly planning to continue his partnership with Netflix by planning a series of comedy specials. To be clear: the return to stand-up is happening, it’s just unclear whether Netflix is putting skin in the game, so to speak. Murphy revealed his plans for a big return to his stand-up comedy roots during an interview on the podcast Present Company With Krista Smith. About 25 minutes into his chat with Smith, as Murphy details what his schedule looks like for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2020, he notes that “next year, in 2020, I’m going to go on the road and do some stand-up.” Murphy doesn’t seem to go into further detail.

It’s unclear what has spurred on this return to stand-up for the comedy legend but it’s a refreshing, exciting bit of news. Murphy broke out big time back in the 1980s thanks to two hugely popular stand-up specials: 1983’s Delirious and 1987’s Raw. Both specials, in combination with his run on SNL from 1980 to 1984, helped launch Murphy’s wildly successful career in the ’80s and ’90s. His output has slowed down in recent years, with a string of misses including Tower HeistA Thousand Words, and a Beverly Hills Cop TV movie among his work in the last decade.

With Dolemite getting some early awards season buzz, it looks like Murphy intends to capitalize on a potentially major return to form with these new specials. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Murphy in such a candid medium as stand-up comedy, so it would no doubt be exciting to hear what he has to say.


via Collider

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