‘Dirty John’ Season 2 Adds Christian Slater and Amanda Peet!!!

The Dirty John anthology series, now headed into its second season, has found its two new leads. The series is making the jump from Bravo to USA Network for season 2. But the network and cast aren’t the only elements of Dirty John undergoing some changes. There’s also a totally new murder story to tell and this one promises to be as juicy as the last.

According to VarietyChristian Slater and Amanda Peet have been tapped to play Dan and Betty Broderick in Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story. The season will follow the college sweethearts from the early days of the marriage in the ’60s, through all of the tough times the Brodericks went through as Betty supported Dan while he was in law school, to the eventual murder of Dan and his second wife, whom he left Betty for after becoming a big San Diego lawyer. Slater will play Dan and Peet will play Betty.

It looks like Slater is sticking to the comfortable home turf of television for their next project. Slater has been a TV fixture for years now, returning to the spotlight thanks to the hugely popular series Mr. Robot, which also stars Oscar-winner Rami Malek and is headed into its final season. But Slater has also popped up on two Disney series for kids during his Mr. Robot run, too: The Lion Guard, a spinoff of The Lion King, and Milo Murphy’s Law. Slater’s move to Dirty John season 2 confirms the actor is ready to take another exciting leap in his TV career.

Peet has been similarly chilling out with long-running TV roles of late. Among her last decade’s worth of work, Peet has held down regular supporting or series lead roles on IFC’s Brockmire, HBO’s Togetherness, and CBS’ The Good Wife. She also recently appeared in the Amazon anthology series The Romanoffs.

Season 2 of Dirty John is, refreshingly, going to be dominated by the female perspective — as it should be considering this season will likely filter the Broderick murders through Betty’s perspective. Variety reports that series creator Alexandra Cunningham will serve as the season 2 writer and executive producer alongside along with Jessica RhoadesDirty John season 1 star Connie Britton, Atlas Entertainment, and Los Angeles Times Studios. The season 2 episode directors have also been lined up and they are: CunninghamMaggie Kiley (serving as another co-executive producer as well as director on four episodes including the premiere and finale), Kat Candler, Meera Menon, and Shannon Kohli.


via Collider

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