‘Fleabag’: Phoebe Waller-Bridge Confirms No Season 3!!

Last night at the Emmys was a big night for Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her critically acclaimed series Fleabag. Waller-Bridge because the first person since Tina Fey back in 2008 to win Emmys both for writing and for directing, and then her show went and won Best Comedy Series as well. The Emmy voters got it “right” by awarding Waller-Bridge’s thoughtful, sly, emotional series about a young woman with a lot of baggage who, in the show’s second season, falls for a hot priest (Andrew Scott). The way the show ended was a fitting way for the series to conclude but it wasn’t so final that a third season would be outlandish.

However, speaking to the Los Angeles Times last night, Waller-Bridge confirmed that there won’t be a third season of Fleabag. “This just feels like the most beautiful, beautiful way to say goodbye to it,” said Waller-Bridge. “It does feel nice to go out on a high. You can’t get higher than this.”

She makes an excellent point. If you’ve gone and won four major Emmys (the show also won for Best Comedy Director) in a single night, that’s a pretty high bar to clear. Also, you don’t want to be one of those perennial winners that just picks up trophies even though a show’s best days are behind it. Fleabag deserved to win for Season 2 and it won for Season 2. Waller-Bridge doesn’t feel like there’s more story to tell, so why force it?

While some may be saddened that this is the end of Fleabag, I’d counter that they should be enthused because Waller-Bridge just got a blank check to do a new thing. Studios and networks are going to be clamoring for her next project, and we should all be excited for whatever that project may be. Fleabag may be over, but Waller-Bridge isn’t going anywhere.


via Collider

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