Gal Gadot Forms New Production Company!!

Do you like Gal Gadot? Of course you do. She’s friggin’ Wonder Woman. But you’re about to see a whole lot of non-comic book roles from her. As reported by Deadline, Gadot is forming a new production company called Pilot Wave, alongside husband and real estate investor Yaron Varsano. Coming up first on their slate is the real-life story of Irena Sendler, a role Gadot will fill onscreen:

Irena Sendler tells the harrowing story of a woman’s defiant stand against Polish Nazi occupation and the incredible network she developed to care for and save 2500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto. Following her arrest by the Gestapo during the height of the war, the drama becomes a race against time to save not only herself but the identities of the hidden thousands who’ll face certain execution.

The incredible story will be written by Justine Juel Gillmer, an Australian TV vet who recently wrote Harry Haft, about a professional boxer who fought his fellow prisoners in German concentration camps to survive. Beyond Irena Sendler, Gadot’s Pilot Wave will be developing Showtime miniseries Hedy Lamarr (with Gadot playing the famed actor-turned-inventor) and My Dearest Fidel, a film based on the outrageous real story of a journalist who had a tryst with Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Gadot is primarily known for her genre work based on existing IPs — beyond Wonder Woman, she’s appeared in Fast & Furious and sang a dope song in Ralph Breaks the Internet. With Pilot Wave, she seems interested in expanding her image and telling real-life stories of incredible women. Or, as Gadot and Varsano put it, “We want to help bring stories that have inspired us to life… Pilot Wave will create content that promotes the perspectives and experiences of unique people and produce impactful stories aimed at igniting the imagination.”

Are you excited to see Wonder Woman play a bunch of real-life wonder women? We bet Kate McKinnon is, too.


via Collider

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