‘The Addams Family 2’ Is a Go After Successful Opening Weekend!!

The creepiest, spookiest, ookiest animated family in America is coming back for more. Fresh off a successful opening weekend complete with great box office results, MGM’s latest adaptation of The Addams Family is getting a sequel. The latest adaptation of Charles Addams‘ iconic comic strip has brought together a talented cast, with Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron leading a very fun voice cast that includes Chloe Grace MoretzFinn WolfhardNick KrollBette Midler, and Allison Janney. has proved to be a profitable gem for MGM.

Deadline was the first to report on MGM’s greenlight for The Addams Family 2, which has been announced just days after its October 11 premiere. MGM already has a release date marked, too: October 22, 2021. The Addams Family‘s domestic premiere weekend total of $30 million has already bested the popular live-action Addams Family adaptation which pulled in $24.2 million back in 1991. As a cherry on top, it’s also earned a B+ CinemaScore. What’s not to love?

Money talk aside, The Addams Family has also been doing well with its audience in other ways. In their weekend box office report, Deadline noted per PostTrak results 34% of people polled went to see the movie because it was an animated feature with 28% remarked The Addams Family was part of a franchise they liked. Meanwhile, the movie has also apparently gotten 4 stars from kids 12 and younger and 3.5 stars from parents. Not sure where that last bit of statistics came from but hey, I’ll take it!

Currently, there’s no information specifically relating to the plot, cast, or vision for the next movie. It seems MGM is truly just riding the high of this big financial win and announcing as The Addams Family enters its first full week in theaters.

The Addams Family is currently in theaters.


via Collider

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