‘The Feed’ Trailer Reveals Amazon’s New Dystopian Sci-fi Show!! Check It Out!!

Here’s a question: Is technology good or bad? If Netflix’s Black Mirror wasn’t enough to swing your answer to a definitive “bad,” then swing over to Amazon’s The Feed for another look at near-future science fiction nightmares gone miserably awry. The first 10-episode season of the series debuts in full on Amazon Prime November 22, 2019, and the streaming service debuted its first trailer today.

Based on a novel by Nick Clark WindoThe Feed focuses on a titular piece of technology that connects humans together via the instant recording and sharing every single human experience (sorta like Black Mirror episode “The Entire History of You” taken to its logical extremes). A young couple (Guy Burnet and Nina Toussaint-White) with a new baby girl do their best to live off the grid — er, off the feed — despite their family connection to the creation. Burnet’s father, played by David Thewlis (NakedBig Mouth), is the creator of the despicably ubiquitous social network. Thewlis’ wife, played by Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones), is its CEO. Thus, when violent complications regarding the Feed ensue, endangering everyone who uses it, Burnet and Toussaint-White must tangle with the knots of their complicated family history to survive and save the human race. In other words, it’s Black Mirror meets Arrested Development, which means it is 100% a show we are interested in watching.

If you’re interested in watching, too, The Feed will be available to binge on Amazon Prime starting November 22 — so long as you can stomach the irony of binging a TV show about the dangers of convenient tech on a piece of convenient tech. The Feed‘s official synopsis and trailer, provided via Amazon press release, are below.

In the near future, a high-tech implant connects our minds to “The Feed.” Every interaction, emotion, and memory can be shared instantly. Tom (Guy Burnet) and Kate (Nina Toussaint-White) are a young couple trying to resist their addiction to tech. Tom’s father, Lawrence (David Thewlis) invented “The Feed,” and his mother Meredith (Michelle Fairley) is the CEO overseeing its daily operation. When strange and violent things begin to happen to its users, Tom must do all he can to protect his wife, Kate (Nina Toussaint-White) and baby daughter from his father’s twisted creation. The Feed tells a very human story about survival, family, and the lengths that you would go to protect the ones you love.


via Collider

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