‘Stranger Things 4’ Filming Dates and Episode Count Revealed!!

Slowly but surely, Stranger Things 4 is on the way, folks. The hit sci-fi coming-of-age series premiered its sun-soaked, mall-centric third season this past summer to what Netflix claims are the show’s biggest viewing numbers yet, so it came as no surprise when we learned that Stranger Things had been renewed for a fourth season in September. Now we have an idea of when we might be able to expect Stranger Things 4 to debut.

The folks over at TV Line have the Stranger Things 4 filming date details, reporting that production is slated to begin in January 2020 and will likely continue through August. That seven-month schedule is about on par with previous seasons, as Stranger Things 2 filming was underway from November 2016 through June 2017, and Stranger Things 3 filming took place from April 2018 through November 2018. These filming dates for Stranger Things 4 also give us an idea of when to expect the next season to debut on Netflix, and unfortunately it’s going to be a bit of a wait.

Stranger Things 2 wrapped in June 2017 and premiered on Netflix in October 2017, and Stranger Things 3 wrapped in November 2018 and didn’t premiere until July 2019. Now, the premiere date for Stranger Things 3 was likely held until July to make sure the summer-themed season debuted during the appropriate season, but even still Season 2 needed four months between wrap and premiere date.

So if Stranger Things 4 does indeed wrap filming in August 2020, based on how previous production schedules moved forward, the earliest Stranger Things 4 release date would be December 2020. Now, that could actually be fitting—the show’s first season took place over winter/Christmas so perhaps this next season will bring things full circle. Or it’s also possible that Stranger Things 4 won’t premiere until Spring 2021, since that is so far the only “season” during which a Stranger Things hasn’t been set.

But while the Stranger Things 4 premiere date is a matter of speculation at the moment, we do have some firm details on how many episodes to expect. TV Line also reports that the fourth season of the show will likely consist of eight episodes. That’s in line with the number of episodes for the show’s first and third seasons, but down one from Stranger Things 2—an anomaly in which one episode was dedicated to life outside Hawkins.

Stranger Things 4 plot details are under wraps, but creators/showrunners The Duffer Brothers previously teased that we may be traveling to Russia, and the announcement teaser for the show’s renewal teased, “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.” The Duffers have previously stated that the show would likely come to an end after four or five seasons, and while Netflix has not yet announced that Stranger Things 4 will be the show’s last go-around, it definitely feels like we’re in the endgame of sorts.


via Collider

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