Marvel Producer Says Next ‘Endgame’-Level Saga Could Be a Decade Away!!!

Fear not, Marvel fans; these movies aren’t going anywhere for a while. But things are bound to change now that Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home completed much of what the MCU started way back in 2008.

Whether in the cinema or on television, modern audiences gobble up long-form storytelling like never before. We binge multiple seasons of any one show in the course of a weekend, turn out time and again for the new installment in a series of connected motion pictures, some more loosely entwined than others. Marvel capitalized on that at just the right time, hitting it bigger and bigger with each entry as streaming services became more and more the way we consume our entertainment.

So with the culmination of several character arcs after twenty-three films, comes a new dawn in the MCU—Phase 4, so to speak. Would Marvel attempt another massive multi-dozen collection of movies building toward one grandiose conclusion?

Cinemablend spoke with Infinity War and Endgame executive producer Trinh Tran, who is also exec producing the Hawkeye series for Disney+. Here’s what she had to say in regard to the connectivity of Phase 4 and beyond:

“Our focus right now is to make sure that the titles that we’ve released in Phase 4… obviously those stories are going to be new, exciting, different and can connect with the audience like the other movies have been. Over 10 years ago, it’s always been our dream to get to ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’ level. We didn’t know obviously where that was going to go at the start of the studio, but it’s incredible to know that we were able to accomplish that. Now it’d be amazing if we could get to that level 10 years later, so I think it’s a dream to continue doing that and build upon the MCU and the connective tissue that we have. And now with obviously our Disney+ side and the shows and how our characters are venturing into that world and how that’s gonna lead to the future and more franchises and more stories and more properties and their connective tissue to the rest of the MCU, it would be amazing to do something like this 10 years later.”

A decade is a long time to develop and mold new projects into something on a much larger scale. But it sounds like some of the fresh properties may be more individualistic while still existing in the same universe. And why not let Marvel do some standalone films (and shows)? It allows filmmakers to have a unique voice and create something wholly other, all the while knowing the built-in audience is there. What artist could resist such an offer?

Phase 4 will begin next May with Black Widow and continues on with a number of already announced films. Should folks turn out to that one like they have the rest, Marvel will have the freedom to do whatever it pleases, even it takes another ten years to construct the next ambitious saga.


via Collider

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