‘Superman and Lois’ Series Joins The CW’s Arrowverse!!

The CW is looking to flex its DC muscles even further with a new hourlong drama based on one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Superman & Lois will star Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as the Man of Steel and the dogged reporter respectively, roles both actors have previously played in the CW’s other DC-based series like Supergirl and The Flash.

Currently in development, the series will air as a standalone pilot and not as a spinoff of one of the CW’s existing superhero series, despite both Hoechlin and Tulloch having originated their characters on those shows. The series is being spearheaded by The Flash producer Todd Helbing and Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti.

After an initial stumble with 2011’s theatrical Green Lantern adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds, Berlanti has made a killing at the CW, spinning out DC Universe characters into a popular expanded universe of prime time dramas. Superman & Lois will be the latest addition, and the first to bring one of DC’s flagship heroes permanently into the mix.

The announcement comes as Arrow, the godfather of the CW’s super hero universe, enters its eighth and final season. But judging by the reveal of Superman & Lois and the success of the latest DC drama Batwoman, the Arrowverse isn’t running out of steam anytime soon.

Superman & Lois won’t be the first time the comic book power couple has graced the small screen. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ran for four seasons in the mid-90s, and the CW’s own Smallville followed the Big Blue Boy Scout as a teenager growing up in rural Kansas from 2001-2011.


via Collider

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