‘Little Women’: Greta Gerwig’s Adaptation Gets New Character Posters!! Check It Out!!

On December 26th, film fans across the country have the same struggle: What movie can our family agree on? Going to see a movie during the holidays is a time-honored tradition. It’s a place where everyone can sit in peace and quiet for two hours — so long as you can figure out which movie everyone can settle on peacefully and quietly. If you’re worried about this happening to your family, here’s a tip from me to you: See Greta Gerwig‘s Little Women adaptation, dropping into theaters Christmas Day. It will make everyone in your fam happy — and if you need more proof, we’ve got a slew of new charming-ass character posters to convince you.

After the smash critical success of perfect movie Lady Bird, writer/director Gerwig turned her sights to Louisa May Alcott‘s classic 1868 novel — kind of a surprising move from an artist who’s been keenly interested in the modern movements of modern women. But if there’s anyone who can give this tale (which has been adapted for the screen seven times before, including one in 2018) a fresh coat of paint, it’s Gerwig. Here’s the official synopsis from Columbia Pictures:

Writer-director Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) has crafted a Little Women that draws on both the classic novel and the writings of Louisa May Alcott, and unfolds as the author’s alter ego, Jo March, reflects back and forth on her fictional life. In Gerwig’s take, the beloved story of the March sisters — four young women each determined to live life on her own terms — is both timeless and timely.

Now this is the absolute perfect family holiday movie — timeless for the parents, timely for the kids, charming and inspiring for everyone. Plus, it reveals that Gerwig is interested in some Christopher Nolan-esque shenanigans — we’re gonna be jumping back and forth in time, y’all! If all this don’t convince you, check out the absolutely stacked cast: Saoirse RonanEmma WatsonFlorence PughEliza ScanlenLaura DernTimothée ChalametLaura Dern, and friggin’ Meryl Streep!

For a closer look at these actors as the iconic characters in this iconic story, here are some brand new character posters released from the film. And for more on Gerwig’s Little Women, in theatres December 25th, here are the first rapturous critical reactions.


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing


via Collider

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