‘Veronica Mars’: No Plans for an Additional Season at Hulu!!!

Fans holding out hope for some semblance of closure after that shocking Veronica Mars Season 4 finale may be waiting in vain. While the beloved WB/CW series was resurrected on Hulu for an eight-episode fourth season, the streaming service now confirms to TV Line that there are no plans for Veronica Mars Season 5 to happen. The report notes that while there have been no discussions about an additional season, creator/showrunner Rob Thomas is “not ruling out the possibility of more” episodes of the show somewhere down the line.

This is infuriating for a number of reasons. For one, fans of Veronica Mars likely wanted to see more of Kristen Bell’s private detective character solving crimes. The fourth season brought the titular character into adulthood in a real way, pulling the series into some darker places that reflected the fact that Veronica Mars has grown up since she was just a smart high school student solving crimes on the side.

But also, Veronica Mars Season 4 ended in a way that really pissed off a large section of the fan community, and would be an insanely bummer end to the series as a whole. Here’s where we get into spoilers if you haven’t seen Veronica Mars Season 4.

The finale for the Hulu season of Veronica Mars wrapped everything into a neat bow until the final minutes, in which the show inexplicably dispatched with Veronica’s main love interest Logan (Jason Dohring), killing him off for no good reason. End of season.

Thomas defended his decision this summer when the fan backlash was the strongest, essentially saying he killed Logan off because he couldn’t figure out what to do with him if the show were to continue:

“I know what the show needs to be moving forward,” he stressed. “There are not many shows about kickass detectives and their boyfriend at home. It was tough getting Logan wrapped into the story this season… There’s a reason shows end when the couple gets together. I’m not going to start doing The Thin Man. It’s not going to be Veronica and Logan solving mysteries, so what is Logan doing in the show?”

Yeah, it’s not like you could just ship Logan overseas when you don’t know what to do with him—oh wait, that’s exactly what happens in Season 4. You don’t have to murder the character, my dude. Relationships end. People move on. If you didn’t want to keep Veronica and Logan together, you could’ve just split them up. The show’s done it many times before.

And herein lies the problem with assuming you’ll get another season. Veronica Mars may very well never continue past that Season 4 ending. If that’s it, then the final moments of Bell’s charming, whip smart, complicated Veronica Mars will be of her reeling from the death of her beloved. And the lasting memory of Logan, a fan-favorite character, is that he was blown to pieces for… reasons?

While it’s true that discussions for a Veronica Mars Season 5 could ramp back up again at some point in the future, as of right now it doesn’t appear as though there’s any momentum to keep this thing going. That’s a shame not just for fans who wanted to see these adventures keep going, but also for fans who were left gobsmacked by what just may have been the show’s series finale.


via Collider

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