‘Green Lantern’: Warner Bros. Aiming to Give Another Big Screen Shot!!

Remember 2011’s Green Lantern? Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds would prefer that you didn’t. Maybe that’s why it’s taken so many years (and counting) for the studio that’s all-in on DC Comics adaptations to even acknowledge a second attempt at the iconic superheroes’ story. But with Joker flying high, and hopes just as high for future WB/DC movies Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad, perhaps the studio is once again looking to explore the ring-bearers’ lore. How exactly that story comes to audiences, however, is anyone’s guess.

Variety reports that Green Lantern Corps, which has been in the conversation since at least 2015, is still a priority for Warner Bros. Geoff Johns is expected to deliver a script before year’s end, at which point it may head to J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot banner as part of a recent overall deal with the studio. Complicating things slightly is the Green Lantern TV series from Johns and Greg Berlanti that’s likely headed to HBO Max, but could land the Love, Simon director at the helm of a Green Lantern feature film.

That’s mostly speculation at this point, which has been the calling card of anything Green Lantern over the last decade or so. Also in flux are other DC Comics superheroes The Flash and Aquaman. (It’s a little strange that WB seems to have a better understanding of their supervillains than their heroes, yeah?) Andy Muschietti is still on-tap to oversee the former film starring Ezra Miller with Christina Hodson, who’s quickly become the studio’s go-to scribe for DC characters, writing the screenplay. Don’t expect any movement on The Flash until 2021 at the earliest since Miller still has to work on the studio’s next Fantastic Beasts flick. As for Aquaman, James Wan is still attached to helm the sequel with plans to shoot in early 2021 as well, while WB/DC is still looking for a director for the horror-tinted spinoff film, The Trench. It may be a quiet 2020 for the studio on the production side, but they’re looking to start the next decade off strong. Early success could pave the way for Green Lantern Corps and more if things go well.


via Collider

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