‘Aladdin’: Billy Magnussen’s Prince Anders to get a Live-Action Spinoff!!

Because nobody at Disney understands optics, a Disney+-bound spinoff from the live-action Aladdin is reportedly in the works for Billy Magnussen‘s bumbling Prince Anders. Billy Magnussen is a genuinely delightful actor who deserves a long and fruitful career, but this news is a hard yikes at best coming less than 24 hours after Mena Massoud, the title lead of Aladdin, revealed he still hasn’t been able to land a single audition after his live-action Disney remake banked over a billion dollars. A.K.A., probably not the best time to get started on the new movie for one of the only white characters in the entire film.

Either way! The ball is rolling. THR reports that Disney has tapped Jordan Dunn and Michael Kvamme, two co-writers on The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run, to write the script. The idea for the story apparently came from Magnussen himself, who was also involved in taking meetings with writers. Aladdin producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich are also back on board under their banner, Rideback. Ryan Halprin will serve as executive producer.

Magnussen’s Prince Anders appeared in Aladdin as a suitor for Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott). Hailing from the land of Skanland, Magnussen played the role with his trademark brand of charming puppy-dog idiocy. The movie itself, directed by Guy Ritchie, was a surprisingly huge hit, nabbing more than a billion dollars worldwide. Plans are also in place for a sequel. The last we heard, Dan Lin noted: “We are certainly exploring where we can go with this franchise.”


via Collider

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