‘The Purge’: Ethan Hawke Returning For Season 2 Finale!!!

Fans of The Purge and its spinoff TV series on USA are in for a treat: Ethan Hawke will return as James Sandin for the show’s season 2 finale. The original Purge movie debuted in 2013 and starred Hawke, alongside Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey. They play the parents (James and Mary Sandin) of a family trying to survive an annual “Purge.” In the film, the Purge takes place for twelve hours each year, during which time all crime is considered legal. In the course of the night, James is killed, though the rest of his family survives the film.

The Purge was followed up by three other related films, with the most recent one, The First Purge, acting as a prequel. Meanwhile, The Purge spinoff TV series premiered in 2018 with a 10-episode first season. That season followed different characters who didn’t seem to know each other during one of the Purges. Season 2 of The Purge premiered in October and will air its finale next week. It’s taken a different path and started just at the end of Purge night. The rest of the season has followed the characters as they deal with the ramifications of the Purge over the course of the next year.

USA released a statement detailing the circumstances of Hawke‘s return to The Purge franchise as security system salesman James Sandin. Check it out below:

Ethan Hawke, star of 2013’s “The Purge,” is back as James Sandin in the second season finale of USA’s THE PURGE. James Sandin is the security system salesman the original film follows as he tries to protect his family from home invaders during a purge night gone wrong. James is featured in the finale’s cold open, which flashes back to one week before the first national purge and the first time his high-tech security system is tested. Titled “7:01 AM,” the finale picks up as purge night rages on and Esme, Ryan, Marcus and Ben fight for their lives and their loved ones. It will air Tuesday, December 17 at 9/8C on USA Network.

The Purge franchise is nearing its conclusion, at least on the big screen. James DeMonaco, who created the films and TV series has said he thinks The Purge 5, which is due out next year, will the last. The films are popular with horror and thriller fans and consistently do well at the box office. Set in a terrifyingly near future, The Purge franchise’s dystopian setting has drawn viewers in over the years and will likely continue to do so through the final film.

Fans of The Purge movies and spinoff TV series are probably surprised to hear about Hawke‘s return. However, considering USA‘s description of the season 2 finale, his appearance makes sense. Since Hawke will appear in a flashback, it won’t undo the work of the very first Purge film. Sandin‘s death kicked the franchise off in a way that would feel cheap if it were to be ignored for the sake of the TV series. As it is, fans of The Purge can enjoy a fun callback to the first film in the franchise without feeling like they’re giving anything up.


via Screen Rant

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