‘Leslie Jones: Time Machine’: New Trailer Has ‘Game of Thrones’ Jokes!! Check It Out!!

Life has been noticeable more dull since Leslie Jones exited Saturday Night Live back in late 2019. But things are looking up with the release of the trailer for Jones’ new Netflix comedy special, Leslie Jones: Time Machine, the first big special for the seasoned stand-up in this medium and her first post-SNL project. And while it’s certainly wild to imagine a world where it’s taken Jones years to get her own comedy special set to air on TV or a streaming service, it’s even wilder that Game of Thrones co-creators/showrunners/occasional episode directors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have made this special their first post-GoT directing gig.

But more in the incredible GoT connections in a sec; right now, we need to focus on Jones. It seems like the comedic actor is feel fresher than ever and is ready to regale us with some big jokes. Among the bits teased in the trailer are anecdotes about Jones’ rollercoaster 20s and what it’s like to age when you’re a woman. Late in the trailer, we hear Jones crack wise about how, at a certain age, women drop trow and suddenly a fire-breathing dragon emerge and TBH, I can’t help but wonder if Benioff and Weiss had some input on that one. Either way, Jones is killin’ it in the preview, so one can only imagine how well the entire special pans out.

Speaking of Benioff and Weiss, their involvement in Time Machine may initially seem odd. Why exactly would these two opt to make a Netflix comedy special their first post-GoT gig? There is no official word yet but it might have something to do with the fact that Jones is an avid fan of the hit HBO fantasy series and became known, in part, for her bits with Seth Meyers on his late-night show. Considering there is some influence from Benioff and Weiss is showing up in Jones’ Time Machine set (not to mention a “bend the knee” reference on a trailer title card), I’ll be interested in watching this Netflix special to see if any more fun GoT-centric jokes come up.

Leslie Jones: Time Machine arrives on Netflix on Tuesday, January 14.


via Collider

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