‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’: New Poster Reveals the Arrow as the Spectre!! Check It Out!!

Crisis on Infinite Earths has gotten a new poster released and it includes the first look at Stephen Amell‘s Green Arrow as DC hero Spectre. The CW is one week away from resuming the massive DC TV crossover event that began in December with Supergirl, Batwoman, and The Flash. Concluding on a major cliffhanger with all Earths now destroyed, the Paragons of the Arrowverse are now stuck in the Vanishing Point while the Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) is still at large. While most of the Super-Friends have ceased to exist, there is still the mystery surrounding Oliver Queen as he had to accept his destiny to become the new Spectre.

With Jim Corrigan (Stephen Lobo) stuck with him in Purgatory, the former police officer tasked the Emerald Archer to take on the mantle as it was Oliver’s turn. The two remaining hours are set to continue through Arrow followed by Legends of Tomorrow which begins its fifth season during the crossover. The remaining episodes have been described as being the final step to causing the major game-changer for the Arrowverse moving forward. While fans have been forced to wait since December 10 to see the conclusion, the network has slowly been hyping up the remaining two hours of the crossover.

The CW released today a brand new promotional poster, promising that “their worlds will never be the same” with the Anti-Monitor looming over the league. The biggest takeaway is Amell sporting his own Spectre costume. The design is heavily influenced by Oliver’s latest Green Arrow costume while including the iconic cape that the Spectre wears in the comics. Oliver’s transformation from the Green Arrow to the Spectre brings everything full circle with the leading hero’s consistent mantra of becoming “something else.”

Oliver was one of the first DC characters to die in the crossover, starting as early as the first hour which was the Supergirl portion of the event. The hero refused to leave Earth-38 before being certain that the planet was evacuated. But as the anti-matter wave made it impossible, Oliver sacrificed himself by fighting the Shadow Demons for as long as he could before the planet was destroyed. While the Monitor did manage to bring the fallen hero back, Oliver passes away in front of his fellow heroes and his daughter Mia (Kat McNamara) who had prior to the battle officially been given the Green Arrow mantle by her father.

Little is known about any of the Arrowverse shows following the crossover. Arrow will have two episodes left to air, one being the backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries and the other being the series finale that airs on Tuesday, January 28. Black Lightning and Supergirl will most likely be the twos to be heavily affected as they’ll potentially be living on Earth-1 with the other DC TV characters. But repercussions will also be heavily featured in the other shows, with The Flash said to have post-Crisis effects that will last for the remainder of season 6. Crisis on Infinite Earths will answer many of those questions while raising new questions on Tuesday, January 14.


via Screen Rant

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