‘Saved by the Bell’: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Returns to Revival Series!!

Time out! The fella responsible for that delightfully ’90s catchphrase, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, is returning to the revival series of the show where it all started. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gosselaar will return to the upcoming Saved by the Bell revival series on Peacock, NBC’s upcoming streaming service. He’ll be executive producing the series and — hell yeah — returning as Zack Morris.

In the new series, now a single-camera comedy, Zack Morris has become the governor of California, and is controversially closing many lower-income schools. In an effort to curb the effects of his decisions, he sends many of the affected students to different schools — including, of course, Bayside High. Other returning alumni include Mario Lopez as A.C. Slater and Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano. Peacock is also in talks with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen to play Kelly Kapowski. New cast members include Josie Totah (No Good Nick) as a beautiful, popular, mean cheerleader at Bayside. The whole project comes from the mind of creator/writer Tracey Wigfield (30 RockGreat News).

Gosselaar, beyond his producing duties, will only be appearing in three episodes of the series, due to his previous commitments as a series regular on mixed-ish. The two programs are produced by different studios, and the series regular status limits Gosselaar’s ability to appear on other programs to three episodes a piece (we previously saw this play out with Johnny Galecki‘s guest appearances on the Roseanne revival while being a series regular on The Big Bang Theory). Thus, it seems like Zack Morris, after inciting the whole premise of the series, will mostly be an unseen force in the show. Still — we’ll take whatever new Zack Morris we can get, and look forward to seeing Wigfield’s sharper-than-usual take on the character’s mythology.

Peacock is set to launch sometime in April. But if you’re impatient, check out this mini-Saved by the Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon. And if you wanna know what else Peacock is rebooting, here’s our intel on the upcoming Battlestar Galactica revival series.


via Collider

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